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Michael Sandoval, CEO
With the unprecedented growth of volume, velocity, and variety in Big Data, there is an increased need for Line-of-Business and data managers as well as skilled data analysts and scientists to handle the exponential growth of disparate and unstructured data within organizations. This requires multiple analyst touch points, volume limits, and strict data policies. One of the challenges in the market place is that enterprises view the world from their perspective. Different people have different needs on the same data. “The right way to bring about a change is to enable the people to resonate with the market place,” says Michael Sandoval, CEO of Atigeo, a U.S. based company focused on turning science into products and services for a wiser world since 2005.

Atigeo provides an intelligent Big Data platform called xPatterns, which is designed to reduce the difficulty and expense of linking and maintaining unruly information and to help enterprises connect disparate data sources, discover unforeseen relationships in data, and act on making experiences, interactions, and breakthroughs of unprecedented relevance quicker than others by orders of magnitude. This technology self-discovers patterns in any volume of structured or unstructured data in real time while keeping information private. It also makes data more accessible in its native state, greatly reducing the effort, expense, and limitations of data architecture and analysis.

The xPatterns platform is composed of three logical layers: infrastructure, intelligence, and tools for rapidly building applications. To help understand the platform’s three key aspects, we’ll elaborate as follows:

For example, when searching through massive public databases like the National Institute of Health’s PubMed Library, which contains more than 400,000 research papers, xPatterns uses a graphical interface to carry out the search effectively for users. With this new interface, rather than just scrolling through pages of results, users can manipulate results by adding and subtracting search terms in natural language or searching related terms to find relevant information. “Through xPatterns, users can enter highly technical information, like the detailed description of a medical procedure, into the search field and it will find research on similar procedures, even if they don’t share the same keywords.

Atigeo increases the revenue, customer affinity, and provides a better experience for customers by delivering solutions rapidly that allow semantic analysis

Thus, by empowering healthcare researchers and innovators to discover the next big breakthrough, we could be enabling potential life-saving discoveries,” says Sandoval.

xPatterns also provides a collaborative filtering approach wherein commonalities between two individuals are observed and similar data is provided for their use. “We try to understand the connectivity of different things and observe how people interact and talk about things in general. Be it online communities or blog forums, people write and discuss various things in a variety of manners. We mine the data and index that information and then derive the common association between similar data,” explains Sandoval.

Atigeo markets xPatterns as a “software as a service” meant to serve any industry , which primarily includes the healthcare sector followed by deployments in public sector, retail, telecommunications, utilities, advertising, media, entertainment, social media, and intellectual property, with a focus on drawing better connections between relevant data and users in real-time. As a future prospect, Atigeo is all set to provide content to general web or mobile users through third-party applications that support the xPatterns platform, making search results more relevant and prominent to their needs. “Imagine dropping your medical record on top of the world’s healthcare data and immediately getting back the most relevant research, genomic results for individualized medicine, and personalized recommendations and warnings that could save a loved one’s life,” says Sandoval. These 21st Century advances that bring to life the knowledge from across the world out of “Big Data,” that can be acted upon by enterprise or consumer in real-time, will revolutionize entire industries.


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Michael Sandoval, CEO

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