BellaDati: The Complete Agile Data Analytics Tool

Martin Trgina, Founder & CEO
The rising need for a tool that could redefine the way business users interact with their data lead to the birth of BellaDati. The company’s purely web based, C-level agile data analytics is redefining the meaning of business intelligence to organizations worldwide. Its enterprise ready, secure and joy-to-use interface dashboards are bringing together the entire data of mid and large size organizations, helping them to analyze, visualize and publish meaningful reports, anytime.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, BellaDati was founded by Martin Trgina in 2006. With the mission to bring complete agile business data analytics into the hands of true business users, the company has developed two set of products - The first one, BellaDati Agile BI helps implement BellaDati solutions into specific business with its purely web-based tool that allows users to combine KPI, visualize data, drill, share and comment on metrics complemented by Mobile BI for iOS and Android. Analysts and data scientists can utilize math formulas to perform forecasting, pivoting or customer sentiment analysis without coding. C-level, sales, marketing, finance or operations business users can create and collaborate on live analytics, dashboards or data-store to see results much faster than in traditional BI solutions. BellaDati’s data-store combines any kind of data; both structured and unstructured by utilizing Hadoop, Mongo BD, Postqre and SAP HANA technologies. In addition, BellaDati provides complementary BellaDati Apps, which are industry focused with pre-configured KPIs and reports. The second product- BellaDati platform provides SDK and API to third party SaaS and on-premise software developers allowing them to integrate and customize agile data analytics into their products.
Unlike competitors like QlikView or Tableau, BellaDati is disrupting the market by focusing on agile data analytics as a complete BI suite. It is purely web based and include all-in-one BI applications with build-in analytics, dashboards, reporting and data store. With support of more than 100 data connectors including social network connectors, one can share reports and comment on metrics as any social media. The major portion of data which is in unstructured form can be analyzed by the SAP HANA integrations. BellaDati is also connected to SAP DW, CRM and many different data sources. “We run in the cloud or on-premises where others limit their offerings to one or the other.” exclaims Martin.

With its cutting technology, BellaDati has managed garner clients across retail, financial, manufacturing, and healthcare industries including Korean Telecom, Intercars and New World Resources. For instance, RedBull, the energy drink giant is using BellaDati for field sales data analysis in 11 EU countries. The client uses BellaDati next to the SAP DW and SAP BO as agile BI. It helps sales and marketers to optimize sales and promotion activities they can pivot, by drilling-down and creating any analysis any time they need, in minutes. The use of BellaDati Mobile is enabling the company’s field sales to check status of sales channels even before they visit the store.

Scores of satisfied clients and happy customers are making the future of BellaDati bright. “What matters the future of BellaDati is the question of how fast business users can combine, understand and discover data; how easy it is to use predictive analytics and what-if analysis for them,” says Martin. BellaDati is focusing to solve these issues through built in social network for business data analysis, which improves with every release.



Martin Trgina, Founder & CEO

BellaDati is focused on agile data analytics as a complete BI suite and disrupts the market with fundamental difference in technology