ClickFox: Connecting Data Into Meaningful Journey

Marco G. Pacelli, CEO
Customer experience is the most important driver for satisfaction, retention, and revenue generation as the ability to win and retain customers impacts every business across every vertical. Unfortunately, customer experience is a complicated maze of interactions and episodes tracked in siloed channels. Consumers build their total experiences with companies through journeys across all relevant touch points, including web, voice self-service, CRM, email, chat, SMS, surveys, social networks, automated retail, and more. Every business captures data from each transaction and then stores the information, terabyte by terabyte, into warehouses, locking away valuable details on consumer behavior, segmentation, demographics, and so forth. In the data warehouse, there are large compendiums of data, but few insights.

Siloed, unstructured data represents an unrefined mess: an investment with no return, interactions with no way to influence outcomes, and disjointed information begging to be understood. This is where ClickFox, a company based out of Denver, Colorado, brings in its unique software to track every individual interaction that each customer has, across all channels, and delivers insights on the trends. The company helps delineate where breakdowns and successes occur and where opportunities lie for improvement and growth. Headed by Marco G. Pacelli, ClickFox’s data analysis engine scours log files to rapidly take in, tag, and connect data from separate data sources, structured or unstructured, into one framework. The engine constantly digests and analyzes the data directly without the need of complex data modeling (such as schema designs) to begin analysis. Instead of taking months to find customer patterns in data, the ClickFox system compiles, sorts, and delivers them in near real-time.

“Data has the answers to the customer experience puzzle, but only when data connectivity can surface the true consumer journeys,” Pacelli says. “Using our software platform, we’ve proven that there is a critical piece of the data missing for most enterprises, not just in the U.S., but globally.
This new data is called ‘the journey’ and represents the connective path across the raw data. The journey becomes the most critical data asset that drives impact across the entire enterprise.”

The visual map that ClickFox produces shows companies the path to reduce cost-to-serve, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and generate revenue. ClickFox provides the ability to graphically portray customer patterns intuitively as a map rather than a chart or graph, allowing customers to see the direct impact of those patterns on business. The ClickFox DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphic) gives enterprises a clear, intuitive view of the paths of their customers from one step process to the next across channel and data-type boundaries. This allows companies to identify issues quickly, track and measure complications when they are resolved, and contain problems where they start.

“Our two-step approach is quite powerful,” says Pacelli. “First, we recognize patterns of behaviors through unstructured data mesh, which helps us to mathematically recognize the patterns. Second, with our strong analytical tools, we pick up the required data, stitch them together, and present them graphically without any confusion.”

ClickFox also uses behavioral pattern analysis that helps to find those customer interactions that are meaningful to business while suppressing the routine interactions that have no impact. Enterprises can examine scenarios like dominant paths, unique traversals, drop-off points, and next-step activity to show the direct impact of customer experiences on business outcomes.

Looking ahead, ClickFox is poised to give customers a competitive advantage with advanced, accurate decision making in every line of business. From data analytics to visualization, the company intends to build suitable solutions that target to solve specific, analytics-driven business problems. As the data grow and analytics continues to reveal new and important risks and relationships, ClickFox plans to continue helping its clients identify, gather, map, and integrate all data sources at an accelerated pace.


Denver, CO

Marco G. Pacelli, CEO

Translating terabytes of transactional experiences into a picture of humanity for customers