HighRoads: Profitably Redefining Benefits Plan Management And Health Care Compliance

Michael Byers, President & CEO
The path to market leadership is more than simply identifying an opportunity and delivering a solution. It’s taking a step back to understand the root cause to ensure enterprise scalability. That’s the approach Michael Byers, the CEO of HighRoads, is taking as his company helps keep payers and employers profitable, compliant and ahead of health care reform.

“We’re selling a system of record for health insurers where nothing existed before,” says Byers, whose company helps payers and large employers streamline the complexities of benefits plan management. “Benefits compliance is no longer just an HR issue. Health care reform has opened up opportunities and challenges for payers, and HighRoads offers the only dynamic benefits plan management system to address these issues at an enterprise level.”

Byers says innovative leaders, in both the payer and employer markets, understand the seismic shift taking place in health care IT. “The old world is document management,” he says. “The new world is data management. We’re helping payers and employers manage data at the source, which reduces manual intervention and the propensity for error that compromises margins.”

A privately held company in Woburn, MA, HighRoads’ patented SaaS-based solution, The Source, is a centralized benefits plan management system that serves as the system of record for benefits plan data. It streamlines dynamic data management, optimizes workflow across the enterprise and ensures regulatory compliance. The platform enables health payers and employers to achieve new levels of efficiency by avoiding the historically manual, paper-based process of documentation. "HighRoads’ platform is increasingly tapped as a key component in an industry-wide transformation underway—where professionals are refocusing efforts onto strategic initiatives that drive value to the organization and offloading hefty administrative burdens where it makes sense,” says Byers.

"With health payers, HighRoads removes the compliance burden from the sales team by dynamically generating sales materials from one source of data.
This is a key point for health insurers to compete in the private exchanges, as consistent cost sharing information promotes online plan comparison shopping and an error-free enrollment process. HighRoads provides health payer leadership the security of a predictable cost in what is a highly unpredictable, changing health care environment,” says Byers.

HighRoads’ solutions are being used by 25 percent of the Fortune 500 including Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Dynamics, Dell, IBM, Staples and Boeing. “Unlike others in the market, HighRoads’ solutions are 3 to 4 times less costly, easy to implement and give tremendous return on investment within months of implementation,” claims Byers. General Dynamics, a Fortune 100 company with more than 100,000 active employees, is using HighRoads to automate everything from the time of product procurement to the distribution of benefits program documents to employees.

HighRoads partners with Accenture, The Advisory Board Company, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), bswift, ERISA Diagnostics, Xerox, and Pitney Bowes. “AHIP is pleased that innovative solution providers such as HighRoads are addressing the critical need of payers to achieve compliance in a cost-effective and efficient manner,” says Brendan Miller, AHIP’s Vice President, business development. “HighRoads’ SaaS-based solution for plan management, communication and compliance is an example of how the health care industry is embracing technology to manage a considerably more complex health care environment.”

More than 1,000 insurance vendors, outsourced administrators, employers and HR consulting firms are using HighRoads technology for betterment.

HighRoads is envisaging a future of efficiently managing the ever-increasing regulatory environment while keeping health care and administrative costs down. With solutions that create healthy and productive environments, the company indeed is taking its clients to the ‘high road’ in the marketplace.


Woburn, MA

Michael Byers, President & CEO

The industry's only technology to automate the employee health benefits management process, reduce costs and ensure compliance

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