Mattersight: Monetizing Every Second Of Human Interaction

Kelly Conway, President & CEO
The enterprise analytics challenge is growing. Companies are dealing with ever increasing volume and sources of new data. The challenge of quickly processing this data is greatly affecting customer service- oriented companies and their contact centers, where insights into employee- customer interactions are indispensible for efficient business conduct.

Each individual customer has different expectations and behaviors. Similarly, each individual employee has different strengths and weaknesses in handling different types of calls. As a result, the success of a given customer interaction is often determined by the specific employee who handles an individual interaction and how well his or her competencies and behavioral characteristics align with a specific customer’s needs. If each time a customer calling into a call center gets paired with an agent who complements his or her unique personality and specific needs, there will be a significant impact on the business outcome. This is where Mattersight does its magic.

With its Predictive Behavioral Routing, Mattersight, a Chicago-based company, automatically routes calls by using advanced algorithms that predict the best available agent to handle a particular caller based on performance, personal strengths, and behavioral characteristics such as personality and communication style.

The company’s technology utilizes unstructured Big Data from phone conversations, emails, chats, employee desktop activity, and other types of interactions, to optimize sales and marketing activity along with customer service, collections, and other customer lifecycle operations. Mattersight’s SaaS delivery model combines powerful analytics with innovative solutions so clients achieve returns ranging from 3 to 10 times the value of the monthly user fee.

“It is undeniable that in any interaction, sometimes people ‘connect’ and sometimes they do not. Personality matters in business interactions also,” says Kelly Conway, President and Chief Executive Officer.

At Mattersight, we increase the likelihood of a positive interaction and therefore improve business esults for our clients

“At Mattersight, we increase the likelihood of a positive interaction and therefore improve business results for our clients.”

Forrester conducted a comprehensive six-month study in 2012 to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) of enterprises that used Mattersight’s Behavioral Analytics Platform. The research firm quantified the benefits associated with the Behavioral Analytics Platform in several categories: an increase in revenue, a reduction of average talk time for call center agents, and a reduction in the number of callbacks. Additionally, the clients also saw benefits from improved collections, increased upsell opportunities, higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction, superior productivity gains, and reduced attrition among call center employees. Overall, Forrester found a risk-adjusted ROI of close to 500 percent and a payback within the first quarter.

Mattersight’s technologies have already been deployed to call centers throughout various industries like healthcare, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, cable, utilities, and government. The next time you hear a telephonic voice saying, “Your call may be recorded for quality check and for other training purposes,” there is a large chance that Mattersight is at work trying to match you with the agent with whom you are most likely to have a positive connection. Somewhere out there, a computer is getting to know you even better than those close to you.


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Kelly Conway, President & CEO

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