Razorsight: Delivering Micro-Segmented Levels Of Insight To Users

Charlie Thomas, CEO
Razorsight leverages a decade of experience in its work with global communications companies to provide cloud-based analytics that deliver targeted insights for executives across the enterprise. By drilling down into Big Data for specific answers, Razorsight makes a direct and positive impact on customer satisfaction, retention and profitability. Razorsight is Moneyball for communications providers.

“Near real-time access to performance-improving insights is critical as networks and the associated volume of data become increasingly complex and difficult to manage,” says CEO Charlie Thomas. “Armed with the answers to their biggest challenges, service providers can control costs, improve margins, and maximize return on investment in network infrastructure, product development and customer experience management.”

As the only Big Data infrastructure built entirely in the cloud, Razorsight’s analytics platform is unique in the industry. The company’s powerful predictive analytics algorithms and business rules, created by the world’s leading data scientists, are designed expressly for communications providers, and configured on-site by teams of experts to meet the service provider’s precise business needs.

Any department can benefit: operations, finance, network, sales and marketing. Because Razorsight is entirely cloud-based, set up is quick, and once operational all the customer needs is a browser.

Inside each customer’s system, Razorsight’s proprietary algorithms map large, contrasting data sets while correlating data by using advanced predictive and descriptive analytics engines.
The platform converts complex operations, customer and financial data into actions via multi-dimensional statistical models. And to the user, it’s all simple. Service providers can visualize and aggregate metrics into an overall score and review them via dashboards for easy monitoring and utilization.

“With Razorsight, communications companies now can grow their businesses based on answers to their most important questions – such as what are their most profitable customers, products, markets and locations,” says Thomas. “At the same time, they gain real-time insights into customer behaviors that warn of potential churn, and can create specific game plans to deliver a superlative experience that increases customer lifetime value.”

Many of the world’s leading brands in communications have caught on. Comcast —the largest cable company in the U.S. — has used Razorsight’s solutions for years. The giant broadband and entertainment enterprise has consistently benefited from greater insights about their customer consumption, suppliers, ecosystem, daily network traffic and infrastructure—driving better financial and operational insights.

Comcast is among the more than 80 communications leaders that today use Razorsight, including AT&T, Verizon, Telus, Cbeyond, CenturyLink, Windstream, T-Mobile, TelekomunikacjaPolska (TP Group), Tata and IBM.

"As Razorsight expands our horizons into new markets, we find that our goal of advancing predictive analytics to meet our customers mission-critical business challenges is in perfect sync with growing demand for a fresh approach that drives enormous gains from micro-level data,” says Thomas.


Reston, VA

Charlie Thomas, CEO

Leveraging success with a who’s who of communications providers by inventing and delivering advanced cloud-based predictive analytics solutions.