Sherpa Analytics: System Of Systems Approach, Unbiased Discovery And Neuroscience Based Analytics

Anthony Sardella, Founder
Businesses across the globe crave the ability to predict group behavior before it happens. They are on constant lookout for ways to detect future trends, discover unknown/hidden risks and decode people’s behavioral patterns.

Sherpa Analytics, a firm that specializes in Big Data and neuroscience based predictive analytics, provides the answer. Based in St. Louis, MO, the firm provides breakthrough data discoveries leveraging critical, in-depth insights and behavior indicators that traditional, manually research based experts, polling, surveys, focus groups and interviews often cannot.

Technology has radically changed the information environment and led to the new age of Big Data. Through Sherpa’s automated collection and analysis of media and textual Big Data, the firm can capture hundreds of millions of communications and conversations, in a variety of languages, from audiences around the world, which it then deciphers to provide real-time intelligence to its clients. These insights allow clients to gauge audience perceptions; analyze emerging issues, trends and risks; recognize the perception of key individuals or leaders in the market; and build constructive strategies that not only lead to better-informed decision- making for its clients, but also have built in measures of effectiveness.

Sherpa’s insights also assist in predicting whether or not an event will occur and when it might occur; the likely causes driving an issue or event; whether or not, and why, the client’s communications campaign will be successful; how to ensure the success of a message or campaign; which issues or trends are likely to have an impact; which individuals, leaders or spokespeople are likely to be successful; how topics change across audience groups, media types or geographic areas; and other strategic and operational intelligence.

Gaining reliable insights like this requires a sophisticated approach blending many capabilities. Sherpa’s system of systems incorporates industry-leading Big Data products with proprietary analytic processes applied against the right data to give clients the tools they need to meet their evolving requirements. Sherpa does a comprehensive collection and computational processing of diverse media content, using the latest research in social science, digital media and Big Data analytics.

Through Sherpa’s automated collection and analysis of media and textual Big Data, the firm can capture hundreds of millions of communications and conversations, in a variety of languages, from audiences around the world

They are designed to handle both structured and unstructured data from global sources by applying industry- tested harvesting and processing methods to the complete range of media content. The results provide accurate, intelligent insights for achieving strategic outcomes, minimize risk, and control costs.

Sherpa is setting the pace in the Big Data analytics space. In the words of Anthony Sardella, Founder and Chairman of Sherpa Analytics, “A Systems approach, unbiased discovery and neuroscience based analytics are the core of the firm.” He added that their multi-disciplinary approach that spans across a variety of academic, corporate and technological fields is another salient feature of the company.

With its industry tested approach that provides complete insights into the entire spectrum of data analytics, Sherpa Analytics aims to provide strategic guidance and decision-ready intelligence to its clients. With its multifaceted approach, Sherpa turns the complex information environment into timely, data driven knowledge and measurable, strategic actions. The company is committed to help clients overall analytics initiative by designing, building, and implementing an enhanced product suite that continually capitalizes on new technological advances, groundbreaking scientific research and emerging developments from around the world.

Sherpa Analytics

St. Louis, Missouri

Anthony Sardella, Founder

Sherpa Analytics is a neuroscience based data analytics firm that specializes in providing in-depth insight, lead attitude and behavior indicators to drive decisions, strategy, program execution and measures of effectiveness for its clients