Talent Analytics: Modeling And Optimizing Employee Performance

Greta Roberts, Founder & CEO
As the discipline of analytics advances, and companies embrace Big Data, data analysts and scientists are becoming more of a hot commodity. As demand for analytics professionals surge, companies struggle to identify analytics candidates with capabilities beyond software skills, the right mindset, to solve complex, analytical challenges.

Enter Talent Analytics, Corp.

Over the past decade, Talent Analytics has perfected their innovative platform, Advisor, for quantitatively measuring an employee’s mindset (or raw talent) in a way that can be directly correlated with job performance. Talent Analytics SaaS software uses predictive analytics with employee outcomes, in the same way many others are modeling and predicting customer outcomes. Their innovation is bringing a predictive analytics approach inside organizational walls.

In addition to traditional work modeling and predicting sales and call center representative performance, they recently applied their software and methodology to model "must have characteristics" of analytics professionals and data scientists.

"The only metrics for hiring analytics professionals today tend to be level of technology skills or educational degrees. Skills and degrees are useful however, analytics managers report they are not enough and can yield skilled new hires lacking the mindset to approach and solve sophisticated analytics challenges. What is important isn’t the skill, but the ease with which they were able to learn the skill on their own, or Curiosity.Talent Analytics Advisor™ directly measures their degree of curiosity among other raw talent characteristics proven to be a critical requirement in a successful analyst," says Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics.

Talent Analytics envisions a future in which its inventive technologies enable businesses to match employees with roles where they are predicted to be a top performer

Quantifying critical analyst characteristics that result in an industry benchmark for a role as difficult to quantify as an analytics professional is a huge accomplishment. It is the first of its kind, and proves invaluable to businesses just beginning their analytics work—or growing their teams dramatically. "The Analytics Professional Industry Benchmark from Talent Analytics, Corp., is a must have for analytics leaders seeking to build analytics dream teams," says Gary Bennett, Director of Marketing, INFORMS.

Talent Analytics envisions a future in which its inventive technologies enable businesses to match employees with roles where they are predicted to be a top performer, and value their employees in a way shareholders value. This approach not only delivers better performance for businesses, but also increases engagement and job satisfaction for employees.

The company aims to consistently push the envelope with new statistical techniques, build even more sophisticated software, learn from results and optimize their offerings as they go.

Talent Analytics

Fort Worth, TX

Greta Roberts, Founder & CEO

Talent Analytics’ Advisor™ Platform enables businesses to model and optimize employee performanc