Tracx: Socializing The Enterprise In Order To Bring Brands Closer To Their Customers

Eran Gilad, CEO
Over the last decade, the emergence of social media and mobile technologies has led to three significant shifts in consumer behavior: The dilution of brand loyalty, the fragmentation of the purchase funnel, and the willingness of people to share information about their personal interests, relationships, and behaviors. Furthermore, today's mobile consumers expect brands to cater to their needs at any given moment or channel. Enterprises must knock down silo barriers and embrace social technologies to deliver tailored customer experiences.

Tracx provides a social enterprise platform that empowers brands to manage, optimize, and monetize their business:

Management: Provides cross-departmental workflows and corporate governance while seamlessly integrating with enterprise systems.

Intelligence: Mines social conversations to transform company positioning, strategy, supply chain, execution, sales, marketing, product innovation, and human resources.

Monetization: Identifies and converts real-time leads from social conversations and tracks ROI from social initiatives.

From identity unification to geospatial data to predictive analytics, Tracx offers the first next-generation social enterprise platform. Four key product features set Tracx apart from its competitors:

Influencer Identification: Tracx takes a different approach to influencer scoring by measuring the quality of social posts and interactions as well as the impact of those post's reach and volume.

Purchase Intent: Mapping social conversations throughout the purchasing lifecycle and providing the tools to engage and convert intent into revenues.

Tracx harnesses the power of social data to help the enterprise manage, optimize, and monetize their business

Geo-location Data: Layered on top of Google Maps, Tracx visually displays the location of social activity from a global scale, regional scale, and all the way through to street level.

Predictive Analytics: Real-time alerts on anomalies in social data volume, sentiment, and activity allows customers to mitigate and take action before a crisis reaches critical mass.

Tracx partners with leading companies, such as IBM, LivePerson, SugarCRM, Influitive, and IdeaCage to provide a robust enterprise solution to more than 350 brands around the world. The company's clients include Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Mondelez International, Pearson PLC, Samsung Group, and Sears, Roebuck and Company. Pearson PLC replaced a myriad of social technologies with Tracx's enterprise platform, resulting in improved management of social channels and customers. "We harness the power of social intelligence so that organizations can make informed decisions and take prompt actions," says Eran Gilad, Tracx's CEO.

Tracx continues to expand its reach across the globe in order to solve the biggest challenges facing its clients across three areas: Social media management, data analytics, and social monetization. The company is on a mission to bring organizations closer to their customers by socializing and transforming their business.


New York City, NY

Eran Gilad, CEO

Provides a powerful Social Media Management System (SMMS) that allows companies to analyze, measure, engage, and monetize the social web.