Vestrics: Creating A Logical System For Companies To Organize Data and Gain Insight Into Their People Investments

Gene Pease, CEO
It is an undeniable fact that the latest technological trends are reshaping the landscape of business intelligence and analytics, from a cumbersome process quietly followed by large enterprises to a much more agile, accurate, and flexible system. Vestrics, a human capital analytics software company headquartered in North Carolina and founded in 2004, is keeping up with those changes by providing technology and analytical insights that help companies make better decisions regarding their people investments.

Formerly known as Capital Analytics, Vestrics is the number one provider of workforce optimization software. Its software is a cloud- based analytics application that enables organizations to optimize human capital investments. "By combining disparate data sources, Vestrics looks deeper into HR investments to understand where they are effective and where they can be improved. When we recently launched our first software product, we felt Vestrics (derived from investments and analytics) was a more appropriate name and hence we switched from Capital Analytics to Vestrics," says Gene Pease, Founder and CEO, Vestrics.

With almost a decade of experience in consulting services, Vestrics understands the need for quality analytics. Seeing an opportunity to establish itself as an industry brand, the company has penetrated the markets of for-profit, non-profit, and government.
Vestrics' software supports an organization's strategic goals—without the need for additional hardware, IT staff, or consulting expenses.

Vestrics' software creates a logical system that companies can use to organize and measure data. It also creates an online Measurement Map—a visual, verifiable representation of the chain that leads from human capital investments to business outcomes and strategic goals. Medium to large enterprises are currently able to utilize the company's lightweight, customizable products and services. "The tool works with as little data as you may have, to almost as much data that some of the multibillion dollar companies would handle," says Pease.

Even using current intelligence and technology, the human resource analytics industry still faces challenges that include identifying what data to capture and how to use that data to model and predict behavior so that organizations can have an optimal return on investing in human capital. Towards this, Vestrics aims to provide organizations with insights for effectively managing employees so that the company can reach its goals quickly and efficiently.

With over three decades of expertise as a CEO, Pease brings a seasoned business perspective to Vestrics, helping translate statistical methodology into software and consulting that bridges the gap between the investments companies make in their people and how those investments affect business results.


North Carolina

Gene Pease, CEO

Vestrics' software products exclusively focus on linking the human capital investments to business outcomes