Wheelhouse Analytics: Combining Mobile And Cloud-Based Apps For Face-To-Face Engagements

Frank Coates, Founder & CEO
With the global financial crisis hitting business budgets, attaining a high return on investment (ROI) has been troublesome. As many organizations see their budgets and staff numbers shrink, the critical importance of maximizing ROI will only increase.

Wheelhouse Analytics helps companies achieve higher ROI on their partnerships and distribution efforts. The analytics firm helps companies to collect, organize, curate and analyze the critical measures of success. Armed with substantial activity data and using advanced analytics, Wheelhouse puts its Partner Portal system in place to marry its clients' sales results, expenses, activity, and partner deals, to analyze the ROI of its relationships.

In 2010 Frank Coates, the current CEO of Wheelhouse Analytics, devoted himself to providing comprehensive data and analytical solutions to the financial services industry. The company utilized its decades of experience in data analysis and asset management to create the powerful modules included in the Partner Portal— its Web-based analytics tool. Other Wheelhouse applications include the iPad basedAdmiral, Meeting Builder and Viewer.

With Partner Portal, Wheelhouse Analytics focuses on four key steps which are assets and sales flows, distribution and sales activities, expenses and partnership terms. By combining these disparate sources of data through their unique methods, Wheelhouse provides advanced analytics through cloud-based dashboards, proprietary applications and mobile devices.

Understanding client needs, Wheelhouse works with any data format, facilitating the collection of data from systems or local spreadsheets. Wheelhouse's iPad based tools help companies pull together information that is currently not being collected.

Wheelhouse Analytics focuses on four key steps which are assets and sales flows, distribution and sales activities, expenses and partnership terms

Struck by the outdated manual system for recording employee and client meetings, Coates created a tech- friendly app that fixed the problem. Admiral, the company's flagship product, is an application which collects extensive information about what is happening before, during and after sales meetings. All data links directly to the company's customer relationship management software and is backed up in 'The Bridge,' Wheelhouse's cloud-based hub. With a wish to pull in new ways of tracking meetings, Coates says, "Our hope is to get rid of paper."

While Wheelhouse continues to advance its standalone and enterprise software products, it also offers sales training and analytics consulting services. Wheelhouse Analytics caters to several clients who are among the top 50 global investment management and financial advisory firms in the world.

Wheelhouse Analytics primarily focuses on financial services companies, and more narrowly on investment management companies and financial advisory firms. Its founding partners have over four decades of experience in the industry, and high credibility. The company plans to continue providing technologies to enterprises faster than any of their competitors.

Wheelhouse Analytics

West Chester, PA

Frank Coates, Founder & CEO

Wheelhouse Analytics utilizes the expertise of its team to provide sales analytics, customized research engagements, consulting services and sales workshops