C-4 Analytics: Great Analytics Is A CIO's Secret Weapon

Michael Weiss, Managing Partner Justin Cook, VP-General Counsel
One of the biggest opportunities and challenges for CIOs right now is Big Data. Every day, an organization creates massive volumes of structured and unstructured data spreading across every single department and line item. If you use it correctly, Big Data can reveal untapped opportunities and help you improve everything from marketing and customer service to manufacturing and product development. Trying to get your head around Big Data can be a big headache, if you don’t know how to analyze it correctly to reveal the secrets it contains. C-4 Analytics was created to eliminate the Big Data headache. C-4 is a data-driven company that works with CIOs to use online activity to understand what’s driving customer and business behaviors and then increase positive outcomes. Headquartered in Saugus, MA, C-4 Analytics partners with their clients to guide them in making informed, fact-based, research-driven business and marketing decisions.

Led by Michael Weiss, Managing Partner, and Justin Cook, Vice President, C-4 Analytics helps increase customers and sales in business to consumer (B2C) enterprises by implementing strategic and tactical web analytics, search, and paid search campaigns. “What makes C-4 Analytics so effective is both the building and the constant refining of campaigns based on constant testing, refining and reporting. We study online data to understand customer behavior, and then present it in understandable ways so that stakeholders can see what existing and potential customers are saying. You run your business; we’ll leverage the internet and give you the data to help you run it better,” says Weiss.
C-4 Analytics i s made up of Google Certified Account Managers, and they also speak Bing and Yahoo. A partnership with C-4 Analytics begins with a comprehensive analysis of business needs, as well as evaluations of current online marketing, online reputation, and the competitive landscape. C-4 Analytics then goes to work making sure that your online business gets attention from Google, Yahoo and Bing, and that online marketing is set to drive sales and customers, not just traffic. This focus on ROI sets C-4 Analytics apart from companies that promise high rankings, because it delivers the traffic that generates sales, rather than mountains of window shoppers.

Everything that C-4 Analytics does is custom: Because every business is unique and Search Engines are picky, marketing and analytics campaigns must be unique as well. One of C-4 Analytics’ clients, an automobile dealer for a luxury brand, had employed a variety of technical practices but wanted to better optimize its site for organic search. The website wasn’t effective, and it had a low conversion rate. C-4 Analytics figured out how to give the company a way to maximize the discoverability of content across its website. In three months, the company saw a drastic increase in its revenue. With precise predictive analysis, C-4 Analytics was able to effectively lower the client’s advertising budgets and ensure better revenue growth.

With many more such success stories to share, C-4 Analytics enjoys a broad customer set from several verticals, including healthcare, insurance, finance, retail, and automotive. So what does the future hold for C-4 Analytics? According to Cook, “By 2017, you will not only have integrated realtime reporting, but with our help, you’ll be able to accurately predict what your customers will be doing. When you marry these data-based predictions with your advertising, marketing and online presence, that’s when the magic happens. You will be unstoppable.”

C-4 Analytics

Saugus, MA

Michael Weiss, Managing Partner Justin Cook, VP-General Counsel

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