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Ashu Goel, CEO
Amid the raging debate of AI’s role as an enabler or a threat, organizations continue to invest in AI without having a well-defined strategy or a product roadmap. The misalignment between business strategy and new technologies invariably leads to failed initiatives and unnecessary cost. Ashu Goel, the CEO of WinWire Technologies argues, “How a company can benefit the society with technology is more important than the technology itself.” Goel leads a team that believes in technology as the key element to improving lives and creating deep social impact. Committed to promote appropriate and effective use of AI and cognitive solutions while enabling companies to remain competitive, WinWire focuses on guiding its clients to take a prudent approach to data and AI. Being at the leading edge of data analytics and AI innovation, the company bridges the gap between business and IT through its core strategy that encompasses people, technology, and execution. Its advancements in modern technologies focus on the ‘right brain revolution’ in which process tasks are automated and labor resources are fully availed to improve business efficiencies.

While some companies struggle to find the right AI solution, many others run into trouble due to lack of sufficient volumes of quality data to efficiently train their machine learning models. The severe shortage of experienced data scientists and effective tools to build models and visualize data add to the woes. WinWire employs a systematic and end-to-end approach that encompasses initial requirements gathering through development and maintenance of AI-driven data models. In its journey to build cohesion between business and IT, the company, at the outset, comprehends clients’ strategies, future goals, defines their business problems, and aids them to envision a solution. A quick proof of concept allows clients to visualize their solution. Subsequently, WinWire helps its clients identify various data sources within the organization and provides assistance with data ingestion, cleansing, and normalization to gain superior data quality. The company either helps clients build data models or builds it for them in case they lack the in-house talent. “If the clients lack data scientists, we can build models for them to resolve a client’s specific business problem.

If the clients lack data scientists, we can build models for them to resolve a client’s specific business problem

When they can’t perform simulations and machine learning model training, we can assist them with data engineering and run the models for them as well,” says Goel. This binding assistance allows businesses to focus more on the right brain aspects such as customer experience and social impact, enriching the lives of people while improving business efficiency.

Furthermore, the company offers managed services through which it helps clients fine tune models over time to gain better results. “While we can repeat our delivery cycle to solve different business problems, what really differentiates us is our ability to help them build in-house talent and nurture their own center of excellence, making them self-sufficient,” says Goel.

With its problem solving skills using AI and machine learning, WinWire has charted many client success stories across industries and has earned longstanding relationship with clients. In a case study, WinWire developed a risk modeling solution for a large construction company. The objective was to assist inexperienced and new project managers to identify and mitigate risks associated with the project. The solution successfully guided these managers with its forecasts and recommendations by learning from historical data that comprised execution decisions and their results.

WinWire’s future endeavors include development in robotic process automation. Even as the debate on technology’s future role goes on, the company stays focused on maximizing the impact of AI, automation and analytics. As more businesses automate their processes, the resources can focus more on the right brain issues. WinWire is at the forefront of this ‘Right Brain Revolution.’

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Ashu Goel, CEO

Data and AI expert helping companies across industries to build solutions that improve business efficiency and enrich human lives

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