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Dustin Adkison, Managing Partner
Back in the late 18th century, coal fueled the rise of the world’s first industrial machinery and led to the first Industrial Revolution. Today, owing to the increase in tech-driven deployments, data has replaced coal as the prime driver for the current innovations in industrial operations. Unlike the early 2000s where business leaders and C-suite executives did not know how to leverage the data gathered by their technology, currently, businesses across all market sectors are extracting meaningful insights from their data. However, as most conventional data management processes involve slow and cumbersome paper-based calculations and/or Excel spreadsheets, a majority of organizations are seeking ways to enhancing the efficiencies of their data management and analytics. Helping such firms with their extensive experience and all-in-one portfolio of data and analytics services and solutions is Chicago-based PMsquare. “We focus on helping our clients make better decisions by enabling them to better understand, organize, manage, structure, and report off of their data with our one-stop-shop portfolio,” says Dustin Adkison, Managing Partner at PMsquare.

Traditionally, when an employee at large digital organization wanted to see data on a specific business unit, they would have to collaborate with the IT department and wait for them to grant access for the requested data. With PMsquare, users can gain a holistic and summarized view of their data and analytics posture via dashboards that allow C-suite executives to seamlessly manage data and deliver it to the business units that need it most. For an organization’s leadership, the company also enables ad hoc data reporting and wrangling to simplify the extraction of critical insights that can drive better decision-making. “We help C-level users design their financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting frameworks with data-driven insights,” adds Adkison. At the same time, PMsquare also performs data consolidation and reporting for clients with multiple data analytics teams, thereby eliminating the need to employ tools with overlapping features and maximizing cost savings.

Thrive is the perfect way for organizations to amplify their analytics and ensure that they gain positive ROI and real value from all their data-related tech investments

Also under PMsquare’s portfolio of solutions is Thrive, which is a powerful cloud application that facilitates firms to identify critical and hard-to-diagnose adoption and stability issues in their data analytics infrastructure. “Thrive is the perfect way for organizations to amplify their analytics and ensure that they gain positive ROI and real value from all their data-related tech investments,” says Mike DeGeus, Vice President of Operations at PMsquare. Above all, PMsquare assists organizations to modernize how they access and utilize the data while aiding them to transition their legacy/ paper-based data management approach into a more digital and accessible process.

Apart from its solutions, the company also provides services that are built in collaboration with some of the leading data science and analytics firms across the U.S. A prime example of this is PMsquare’s partnership with Incorta—a company that aggregates large complex business data in real-time to eliminate the need for data warehousing. With Incorta, the company facilitates quick and efficient data delivery and consolidation to help businesses with large operations perform their data and analytics processes with ease. Similarly, PMsquare has also developed services that leverage IBM analytics and more recently, Trifacta, a leading provider of data wrangling software and tools—to assist their clients with all of their data analytics needs.

Looking ahead, PMsquare aims to develop more cloud-based offerings to capitalize on the overall business landscape’s surge in cloud users. In pursuit of achieving this, the company is moving to a cloud-first approach with Amazon’s AWS and IBM cloud. Additionally, to help healthcare professionals perform data delivery and consolidation tasks seamlessly and without contact in today’s COVID-19 era, PMsquare is creating a platform that enables hospital administrators to view, plan, and perform data analytics remotely.



Dustin Adkison, Managing Partner

PMsquare is a Business Consulting company with prime focus on Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning and Forecasting to provide clients with state of the art Analytics and Corporate Performance Management solutions.PMsquare was founded by experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge in strategizing and in implementing Corporate Performance Management solutions for many large corporations. PMsquare has the expertise and the knowledge of the industry as well as access to the best-of-breed technologies to deliver the right solutions reliably and in a cost effective way